Streamline Your Billing and Accounting

More than 15,000 law firms nationwide get paid faster by using PCLaw® as their all-in-one billing, accounting, and matter management solution.


Capturing Billable Hours Has Never Been So Easy With PCLaw® Go

The newest mobile timekeeping app for PCLaw® users. Complimentary for active AMP users for a limited time.*

Experience PCLaw in the Cloud

With the help of the cloud, you can now enjoy remote-access and manage your law firm anytime, anywhere.

Become a PCLaw Power User

Check out our range of training options for PCLaw®. Plus take advantage of FREE on-demand training for Annual Maintenance Plan members.

Streamline Your Finances

  • Manage and time vendor payments on your terms to improve cash flow.
  • Write and print checks from trust or general bank accounts for client or law firm expenses.
  • Keep accounts in balance with reconciliation tools.
  • Quickly identify clients with outstanding balances to prioritize collection efforts.

Earn More of What You Deserve

  • Reduce duplication of effort with all-in-one integrated billing and accounting.
  • Reduce unbilled billable time by automating time capture with Time Entry Advisor.
  • Email bills or submit LEDES-formatted bills electronically and get paid faster with fewer hassles.

Get a Better Picture of Your Practice

  • Translate built-in efficiency gains into more billable hours.
  • Stay on top of matters, documents, calendars, and attorney billing and accounting with one easy-to-use software solution.
  • Gain insights and track your firm’s performance with comprehensive reporting.

Get Up and Running Faster

  • Get free onboarding, training, resources and upgrades with your annual maintenance plan.
  • Get started without worry in just minutes. Intuitive design in PCLaw® makes it easy.
  • Get a firm-wide view of what’s most important, all over your first cup of coffee with PCLaw® Dashboards.

Ready to Get Started?

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Get more with a PCLaw Annual Maintenance Plan

As a valued PCLaw Annual Maintenance Plan customer, you have a full range of benefits offered through the Thrive program, designed to help you get the most from your PCLaw software.


Custom onboarding tailored to your firm from our expert support staff


Get support for your PCLaw software the way you want it with a variety of support tools inside and outside of your product


New releases keep you on top of the latest features, helping your firm stay productive and efficient


Access to complimentary training options, plus regular tips and tricks to help you quickly brush up on the features you use most


Already an AMP customer? Log in to your Customer Dashboard to access your customer benefits now.

Become Your Firm’s
PCLaw Power User

Configure your system, improve your workflow, and train your team by becoming a PCLaw Power User. Our NEW PCLaw Certification program from P|T University helps you master PCLaw administration, configuration, billing and accounting, and make you more valuable to your firm.

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What our Customers Say

“Keeping my firm’s finances organized and in control is critical. Trust accounting, operating accounts… keeping track of the money is absolutely essential for success.”

– Robert Nath
Tax Attorney in McLean, Virginia

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Lance Pritikin
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“Using PCLaw, I haven’t encountered a single scenario where I wished I could perform a particular task, but couldn’t.”

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