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PCLaw software
PCLaw software


Matter management, billing and legal accounting software, all-in-one.

For more than 30 years, PCLaw has been enabling firms to manage matter information, bill and collect client payments, pay vendors, manage trust accounts, and track calendar appointments, tasks, time, and expenses — all from a single source.

  • Compliant trust accounting
  • Integrated billing and accounting
  • Comprehensive matter management
  • Automate your precedents and forms
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Time Matters®

Customizable legal software for practice management.

Time Matters delivers an adaptable solution that improves information-sharing, collaboration, and workflow processes by helping to automate repetitive tasks. This enhances matter, client, and document management, and increases your law firm’s operating efficiency.

  • Design your own workflows
  • Automate your precedents and forms
  • Customize your security settings
  • Gain lost billable hours with automated time entry
  • Share encrypted documents and PDFs online
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Time Matters software

LEAP software


Our Cloud Partner

LEAP legal practice management solution leverages award-winning cloud technology to combine case management, document drafting and automation, legal billing, and online payments into one system for all practice areas of law. Enhanced by the power of AI, LEAP enables firms to practice law more efficiently and effectively.

  • Revolutionize productivity and handle 3x your caseload
  • Access WealthCounsel’s premier estate planning legal drafting solution from within LEAP
  • Secure your law firm with SOC-2-certified software
  • Increase accessibility and work anywhere with the LEAP App
Time Matters software


The AMP Membership offers a full range of unique customer benefits, and exclusive access to product training programs and customer support options.










PCLaw | Time Matters legal software solutions make the business of law more manageable with easy-to-use, intuitive tools that support your law firm’s performance and your personal success.

Time Matters software

What can legal software do for law firms?

High quality legal software can improve a law firm’s processes, performance, and profitability by automating and/or enhancing a variety of legal, financial, administrative, and operational functions. A law firm’s greatest asset is its people. By utilizing software that allows individuals to perform tasks more efficiently, a firm may allow its people to spend more time on higher-value activities.

Time Matters software
Time Matters software

Why is using software designed specifically for law firms better than using other case management, billing or accounting systems?

Software like PCLaw and Time Matters contains features, safeguards and functionality that has been specifically designed for law firms and updated over time to provide users with the best possible experience. Legal professionals, and the industry in which they work, require tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

Law firms need software that can help them easily manage client trust and IOLTA accounts with compliance, help them meet court-mandated deadlines and requirements, quickly and easily check their files for potential conflicts, and search a huge volume of documents in seconds.

Tools that allow managing partners to look at staff productivity and profitability for lawyers, types of cases, and other factors can help them to navigate changes and guide the firm towards success.

Software that can show law firm decision makers the state of their business at-a-glance and provide dashboards and customizable tabs and views will allow them to make better, more informed decisions to boost their bottom lines.

What kind of software features are available to make firms more efficient and successful?

Legal software can provide a variety of features to assist attorneys, paralegals, office managers, administrators, accountants, and other professionals with a wide range of tasks. With PCLaw and Time Matters, for instance, law firms get tools to improve:

  • Time Tracking & Entry
  • Scheduling & Calendaring
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Trust Account Management
  • Matter Management
  • Communication with Clients
  • Document Creation, Automation, Search & Management
  • Team Collaboration & Workflows
  • Information Security Management
  • Conflict of Interest Management
  • Many other aspects of the business of law

Programs like PCLaw and Time Matters use centralized relational databases that manage a variety of information and the relationships between them. By connecting all contact information for individuals, case notes, documents, time entries, bills, workflows, event dates, and other items, a legal professional can have all information for a matter readily available.

PCLaw and Time Matters also provide users with mobile options such as PCLaw® Go and Time Matters® Go, which give legal professionals tools for working remotely.

What other benefits do PCLaw and Time Matters have for law firms?

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