Practice Management Simplified

Whether you are looking to earn more, work more efficiently or spend more time on practicing law, PCLaw | Time Matters™ has the Practice Management Solutions and resources to support your personal success and your firm’s performance.

What can we help your firm improve?

PCLaw | Time Matters™ Practice Management Solutions make the business of law more manageable with easy-to-use software and intuitive tools to help you improve:


With our Practice Management solutions, all activity associated with a matter, case, or client is tracked in one place and available on demand. You are always ready to report information for decision making, audits, and clients.


Optimizing billables, keeping cash flowing, and ensuring profitability is essential for funding growth and our efficient timekeeping and billing workflows will ensure accuracy so that you get paid faster for every hour or service you provide.


Take the hassle out of routine tasks such as billing, client intake, document creation, and everything else associated with the legal process by using our tools to automate your different workflows. Our Practice Management solutions will make sure everything runs smoothly.


Conducting business in one system, with over 30 years of experience, will give your firm the stability it needs in a practice management solution. Track all aspects of your work in one place with a rock-solid archive of information that’s ready for audits and trust compliance, customer reporting, and business decision making. Using multiple systems, paper files, or other manual processes can be error prone and unreliable.


Ensuring that your practice management capabilities are predictable is of utmost importance when staying compliant, accurate, and detailed with case, client, and matter information. Our on-premise software will give your firm comfort in knowing that it’s going to perform the way you expect it to and that all your data is readily available when you need it the most.

Business Insight

Each of our Practice Management systems include robust reporting capabilities that help you analyze every aspect of your business, prepare for audits, and make business decisions. Our reporting technology includes hundreds of industry-standard reports as well as a tools, like the report builder, that you can use to create your own.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our seasoned services professionals, support team, trainers, coaches, and network of certified consultants have decades of combined experience in helping firms optimize and grow their businesses. Rest assured that we are your partner and we are here to help.

Proven Technology

Our Practice Management solutions have been market leaders for over twenty years. Not only are they the most comprehensive legal solutions, but we strive to innovate and support the latest business software, operating systems, and mobile devices.


All-in-one billing, accounting, and
matter management solution to
help streamline your firm.

Time Matters®

A powerful solution that improves
information-sharing, collaboration,
process workflows, and more.

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What our Customers Say

“PCLaw improves my operational efficiency substantially, allowing me to give my clients more of my time at the best possible value.”

Lance Pritikin
Attorney & Owner,
Law Offices of Lance M. Pritikin


What our Customers Say

“Time Matters provided a level of efficiency and customization I couldn’t find anywhere else.”

Cheryl Clayton, P.C.
Owner and Attorney
Law Practices of Cheryl Clayton


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