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Get Paid Faster by Automatically Generating Accurate, Customized, and Professional Invoices

Meet legal-specific billing needs, reduce hassles, and collect faster by generating bills based on any schedule or fee arrangement. Split bills, thresholds, alternate fee arrangements and custom billing scenarios are no problem. Use the included bill templates or create your own, set the invoicing preferences for each client or matter, and let us do the rest. Easy-to-follow workflows help you review, edit, and send paper, email, or electronic bills, drastically reducing the billing cycle.

Trust Accounting

Ensure Accuracy and Compliance When Managing Client Trust Accounts

Integrated and automated trust accounting features such as trust account ledgers, disbursement checks, transfers, three-way reconciliation, and statements help maintain your clients’ confidences and ensures that you are always audit-ready. Choose to pay invoices with trust funds, provide your clients with statements, cut checks, and transfer funds with the peace of mind that comes from knowing all activities are executed and tracked properly. Detailed trust account tracking also safeguards you against account overdrafts.


Gain the Insights You Need to Optimize Your Firm’s Operations

Whether you need audit trails, financials, ledgers, matter information, or attorney productivity stats, reports are just clicks away. You will find hundreds of standard reports to use, and tools that can customize existing reports or build new ones from scratch. We also offer a unique collection of highly specialized reports that will help you make confident data-driven business decisions. Our reporting technology gives you visibility into your operation, ensures that you are audit-ready, and allows you to provide your clients with information they need.

Case & Matter Management

Stay Highly Organized and Focus on What’s Important
Optimize visibility into your operations by managing and tracking everything related to your matters including contacts, schedules, tasks, emails, appointments, and documents all in one place. Customizable workflows and legal calendars will keep you on track and on time. Everything is captured and stored in one centralized location for easy access. We recognize that every firm has unique needs, so rather than offer a one size fits all solution, you can choose to tailor your system to your specific needs.

Workflow and Task Management

Automate Your Work, Hit Every Deadline, Minimize Risk

A key component of our matter management technology is workflow management. Configure workflows that ensure all tasks related to a case are completed on time by the right people following your processes. Automatically move documents through workflows. Notify people when milestones are passed. Configure a workflow for virtually any process to ensure that you are always on time, organized, and compliant.

Document Management & Automation

Work Efficiently with Powerful Document Assembly and Management Technology

Automate the assembly of frequently used documents, letters, and forms. Keep all documents related to clients and matters organized and searchable. Use Office add-ins to conveniently save, track, and time your work. Information is always easy to find, and you always know what you did for each client and matter. Never lose or misplace another document.


Maximize Profitability with Robust Timekeeping Tools

Everything starts with time and making sure you capture all of it is vital to your firm’s growth and success. Our practice management solutions give you many tools to ensure that you can keep detailed and accurate time. These include in-product timers, Microsoft Office-integrated timers, and even LexisNexis mobile timekeeping apps. Having these tools helps avoid missed time, hand written time sheets, and ensures accuracy. Not only will you maximize your hours, but you will be able to give customers a detailed explanation of charges, reducing the risk of possible billing disputes.


Timekeeping in Real Time Wherever You Are

Optimize billable hours and ensure accurate records with an iOS/Android timekeeping app. Our Go line of mobile apps allow timekeepers to easily record time with detailed narrative and submit them directly to their Practice Management system. This avoids lost time, improves record accuracy, and eliminates the need for handwritten notes and emails submitted to staff for later entry.

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